Giorgio Armani Beauty Opens New Beauty Shop & Spa At Bergdorf Goodman

Giorgio Armani Beauty is providing you with a whole new kind of luxury with its new Beauty Shop and Spa at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC.  Shop from the line’s newest beauty products, get a quick makeover and even a spa treatment. Attached to the beauty counter is a spa room, where you can choose from a variety of treatments that all incorporate essential oils from Armani’s Prive collection. Whether you’re looking to #TreatYoself or give a special treat to a friend (or your mom — Mother’s Day is coming up, y’all), the new Armani Beauty counter will provide you with plenty of opportunities to pamper and refresh.

5696d052-90dc-498f-b640-872d09ce1c8eIf you’re not in the New York area or don’t see yourself shelling out the cash to #TreatYoself anytime soon, no need to worry: there is still some exciting beauty news for you. There are tons of new Armani Beauty lip products that beauty addicts will obsess over. My favorite is the Ecstasy Lacquer, which applies like a gloss/liquid lipstick, and comes in both bold and neutral colors. This lacquer is supposed to be able to survive both food and drink, and while I was initially pretty skeptical about this, I found that the color didn’t run/streak at all throughout the day. Even though it faded a bit once I ate, I still had a nice tint that lasted me throughout most of the day. It’s also very hydrating and doesn’t leave your lips feeling all dry and cracked, like some liquid lipsticks tend to do.

If you’re looking for a more traditional lipstick and pop of color, Armani’s Rouge Ecstasy line of lip products may be more your speed. These all come in pretty standard colors (hues of red, pinks, and some orange) and might not last you as long as the Ecstasy Lacquer products, but they’re perfect to deliver some serious color for a night out or special occasion.

Now feel free to treat yourself to some beauty/spa treatments or a new lip color, because you deserve it! (That’s always a good justification, right?)


—Devon Kelliher


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