Kourtney Kardashian & Manuka Doctor

If it’s good enough for Penelope Disick, it’s good enough for you.

Back in December, Kourtney Kardashian raved about Manuka honey on Instagram and on her app, saying “It keeps us from getting sick! I give this honey to Mason and Penelope all the time (Reign is too young). Whenever anyone in our family doesn’t feel well, they get two giant spoonfuls ASAP.”
So it came as no surprise when a few weeks ago she was reveled as the new face of Manuka Doctor. A long time fan, this partnership couldn’t make more sense and fit more with her healthy ethos. A few years ago when I met her for the launch of the Kardashian makeup, she proudly told me that she has a banned ingredient list longer than Whole Foods’. She also starts her day with a teaspoon of ghee ( it’s an Ayurvedic practice) and espouses the wonders of coconut oil. She’s a very glam crunchy granola girl.
There is a whole section on Manuka Docotor’s Site of her favorite products but the most obvious one to try is, duh, the Manuka honey, You can use it in your smoothies and teas but also on your face as a spot treatment, or as a mask. I tried it as a mask the other day and not only did it leave my skin smooth, it helped with redness. It might just be the perfect pre date-night treatment.
—Julia Casella

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