Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness 6 Fix

image (1)1. Happy Earth Day! See what brands focus on sustainability in fashion and opt to support them by buying a few items… it’s truly a win-win situation 😉

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2. With the tragedy of Prince’s death on our minds, PopSugar has given us 9 Essential Prince Songs to commemorate the legend.
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3. Climate change is real. And these pictures from past to present are here to prove it.
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4. If you struggle to adult on the daily, these questions and answers are def something to read.
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5. A rescue hedgehog named Huff has an Instagram and it could literally be the only one you ever actuallyneed to follow.
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6. Is it awkward that you have to take a quiz titled, “How Awkward Are You?” to determine how awkward you are? Awkward.
—Rachel Fulton

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