Louboutin Flats In A Rainbow Of Fleshtones + More: Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness 6 Fix

Christian-Louboutin-Nude-Flats-Spring-20161. See how Louboutin is revolutionizing the shoe world with this new collection.
 Number 2
2. Thank you, Refinery29, for the lowdown on the new movies you can opt to skip out on this time around.
Number 3
3. It’s never too late to learn these life lessons; for starters, take #8 to heart.
 Number 4
4. Because it’s Earth Month and our world needs us ~ no tree hugging involved ~.
5. That moment when you realize you are turning into your mother… 
 200-4 (1)
6. #TaylorVsTreadmill. No explanation needed.


—Rachel Fulton

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