Your Spring Hair Report

Happy April, my anything but fair weather friends (but are we enjoying this fair weather or WHAT?) Here’s how to tame your mane for the ensuing sauna-style months ahead while we anxiously await April Miller Time.

Cleanse: Terax Crema Shampoo

Terax; Art by Elysia Berman/Mimi Chatter

Terax; Art by Elysia Berman/Mimi Chatter

Like the Italian brand’s elegant textured conditioner, this nourishing-a.f. shampoo imparts moisture like no other while still giving you days’ worth of a bouncy blowout. Don it and feel like a Fellini flick heroine.  $24 at

Mend: Ouai Treatment Mask


Drench frazzled, scandalous ends with these single-serve masks from hairstylist to the Kardashians Jen Atkin. I love that it repairs the damage I’ve done all winter while taking me on an olfactory journey to Hawaii. $35 at

Extend: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Fresh Cut Split End 

Living-Proof-Fresh-Cut-278I hesitate to tell you that I haven’t gotten a haircut since October, when a stylist who shall not be named gave me a lob under the proviso of doing a “microtrim,” launching the Hair Extensions Tour of 2015/16. The extensions are out and I’m living a less L.A. lifestyle, but I’m not getting the vapors over my still-an-inch-shorter-than-I’d-like-it-to-be length thanks to this magical cream. $24 at



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