Snap Out Of Sadness Sunday Six Fix

ss11. If you’re like me, most of your money goes to food. Here‘s how to spend only $12 a day on food… savings –> new wardrobe? I think yes.
2. Zara just launched a collection of genderless clothes. Time to get you and bae matching outfits ūüėČ
3. Thank you, Buzzfeed, for¬†these 7 great stories¬†rightly named, “The Most Liberating Stories You Can’t Miss This Week.”
4. We could all use a little therapy in our lives, right? This article from Greatist shows us the types of therapy we don’t have to spend the big $$ on.
5. West Coast vs. East Coast always. Here¬†are¬†30 pretty amazing comparison photos proving how different laid-back L.A. livin’ is from New York City livin’.
6. WELCOME BACK, Scott Kelly. One year of living up in space later, Kelly really proves how much more beautiful the world looks from up there.
‚ÄĒRachel Fulton

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