Motivate Monday, Because Rejoice! It’s the Day After Valentine’s Day

Happy Monday, ladies  — aka Feburary 15th — aka no more Valentine’s Day making you feel either (a) loved, or (b) incredibly single!
Start your week off by making one of these milkshake inspired protein shake recipes (yum!).
Then say adios to those cottage-cheese thighs with this short-but-sweet 5-minute leg workout.
If you’re craving a certain something (leftover V-Day chocolate possibly?) today, make sure you skim this well-written Chalkboard Mag article on how to combat those cravings.
Last but not least, tune into this week’s workout playlist — including songs from our baes (and Bey), T-Pain, Gwen Stefani, and Missy Elliott.
Now go out there and kill it this week!
—Rachel Fulton

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