Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness 6 Fix: Valentine’s Day Edition

200 (1)1. What’s better than being a burrito of warmth, slumped on your couch, binge-watching Netflix on your computer? Scoring some of these sweet Presidents’ Day sales (from your couch, of course…).

3. A great read explaining the danger and risks that come with climbing the world’s tallest mountain.
200-1 (1)
4. If I were you, I’d opt to skip out on the hot date and instead sit back and relax with one (or all ;)) of these 17 Books to Read on Valentine’s Day, Before, After, or Instead of a Hot Date.
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5. Here are 30 Things Better Than Having a Boyfriend… my favorites include, but are not limited to: pizza, puppies, and not shaving your legs.
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6. Um, lest we not forget that it’s #NYFW and you simply must follow these Snapchats to get that [hypothetical] backstage-pass.
—Rachel Fulton

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