This Facial Gets Better And Better

I review facialists based on whether I see a difference post-facial (either immediately or not) but more importantly, whether OTHERS do. And a 50-minute treatment ($95) with the fantastic Katya at HeyDay skin gleamed in a way in which I wasn’t even familiar, plus I received a bunch of compliments.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 4.43.32 PM

Think DryBar for your face, they take facials out of the spa and into your life. So while the loft space is a bit smaller and more open than a spa experience, it’s also more efficient and frankly, more efficacious than many spa facials I’ve had in recent history. Not only that, Katya extracted and then facially profiled my skin to recommend ingredients based on my needs during the service. I left with tabula-rasa pores and a glow that I haven’t had since I rocked drugstore conditioner and invested in mall highlights. P.S.? It got better the next day. Beth even referred to it as stealth-good.

HeyDay is located at 1130 Broadway; purchase a single treatment or become a member if you’d like unlimited treatments throughout the month.


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