Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness 6 Fix

elliot-salazar-skin-20160125-2000x2400-openerS1. Keep that beautiful skin of yours by avoiding these 9 skin care mistakes that might be effing it up!

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 1.39.09 PM
2. Props to our girl, Kylie, for selling out her newest lip kits in less than 30 minutes. Word on the street is her cosmetic line is due for an expansion. 😉
3. For all us single af gals out there on Valentine’s Day, treat yo-self.
4. Here are the top commercials to look out for this Superbowl Sunday. It’s about time we watch Bey kill it on the halftime stage.

5. Beauty doesn’t always have to be pain. These blogger-approved shoes won’t have you fake smiling your way through all those annoying blisters (ugh).
—Rachel Fulton

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