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78a1701e-a59c-43f6-abae-a610831944e8In less than a week, I’ll be leaving Italy after a four-month semester here full of pizza, gelato, shopping, and the occasional crack of a book. I arrived in Florence with three goals in mind (in addition to studying, bettering myself, meeting new friends and all that good stuff): I wanted to come home with a bag, a leather jacket, and new shoes. Sure, these goals might sound easy and slightly shallow, but I can assure you that each purchase required a lot of thinking, researching, and yes, quite a bit of saving up.

9c6d25e7-a486-4a48-aff7-4f05a5b2d579Even though I had my heart set on a leather bag, the first one that jumped out to me was anything but. “Save my Bag” is a line of handbags that are entirely designed and made in Italy. GOOD NEWS for us Americans and non-Italians: The brand distributes its bags to several stores across the world, including throughout the US. You’d never know just by looking at the bags, but they are made entirely of foam neoprene (the same material as wetsuits), so they are incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. The bags come in a ton of different designs, shapes, and colors, but the one I chose is a crimson color with a shape similar to that of Celine bags.

These bags are amazing for carrying to and from work/classes because they’re so lightweight and you don’t have to feel like you’re constantly being weighed down. Also (huge plus for New York City), since it’s neoprene, it’s 100% waterproof and you don’t have to worry about it getting wet while you sprint down the streets of New York in your desperate search for a cab in what is sure to be another cold and dreary winter. The bag is also really easy to clean if you ever get it dirty: just throw it in the wash on a cold cycle for 30 minutes and let it dry. I’ve tried it — it doesn’t mess with the shape of the bag at all!

These bags are practical and a fun way to switch up your everyday look: plus you’ll always get the same entertaining, bewildered reaction from people when they touch your bag for the first time. Browse the design and color options on their website:

—Devon Kelliher

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