MAC Upward Lash Mascara

MAC always has something interesting to introduce to the world of mascaras, whether it be a buzzy trend or simple tweak on brush shape, they’re constantly pumping out new mazzies.  This current incarnation, MAC Cosmetics Upward Lash Mascara, ($22) really is all about the brush.  With a small (less than half-an-inch) rubbery “brush” with mini spikes, this brush is all about definition.  One coat and my lashes are super separated and soft with a fluffy curve.  If you stopped here, it would be a great mascara.
However, with a second coat, I find my lashes have tons of length and a false lash look. I warn against over working the formula or the tips can get a little squared-off.  My lashes we still soft by afternoon, so a touch-up coat (only at the roots) boosted my look for evening.
On top of all these pluses, it washed off easily with soap and water.  With the sheer volume of skus offered, it’s easy to overlook MAC’s mascara contributions: but don’t! This one’s a winner.
—Ashleigh Ciucci

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