You Won’t Believe This Mascara’s Scent

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The first thing you should know about Rimmel Wonder’Lash Lift Me Up Mascara ($8) is that it smells like cucumbers.  Yes, cucumbers. I’ve smelled a lot of mascaras but this one’s a first.  I say this is the first thing you should know because #1 it’s pretty unique and #2 if you hate cucumber (Hi, Mom!) you will hate this mascara. While the vitamins and cucumber extract will nourish your lashes, the smell is quite strong.  Onto the guts of this mazzie: It has an infinity sign-shaped brush that evenly disperses the formula.
One coat leaves my lashes soft and fluffy yet fully coated root-to-tip.  Coat two gives mondo volume with the natural clumping of the lashes while it maintains the ever sought after tapered tips. My lashes were quite soft at mid-day so I was able to up the volume+drama with an additional coat.
While it needed eye makeup remover to get to the lashline, it’s worth it.  This delivers beautiful lashes with that cool cucumber feel.  Buy this one (except for you, Mom)!

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