NEW: Dove Deep Moisture Pump Body Wash

IMG_5094Sublime had 40 ounces of freedom and now you have 34 ounces of Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash, a long time headliner on the hallowed list of Things I Finish. If my shower is Broadway’s “Phantom Of The Opera,” this stuff is surely George Lee Andrews.

For $10.39 at, you get the Gulf of Mexico of the famed hydrating body wash that smells fresh, leaves limbs supple and lets you be lazy about slathering on lotion post-bathing. The last one is one of my favorite things in the winter, frankly. Plus, no longer will you be shaking your squeeze bottle like a mad woman, so that your wash can, in the sage words of another Broadway sensation we both know and love, “defy gravity,” and exit that bottle onto your body. (I promise a gay gentleman isn’t guest-writing this post, though wouldn’t it be marvelous if one did?) The new Dove you’ll love also has a pump dispenser which lets you be so much less wasteful while also being a 44% easier to operate with wet hands.

Get into it!

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