Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness Six Fix

11. Here‘s ThoughtCatalog’s reasoning behind why the most important relationship is the one we share with ourselves. Can you say #Self(ie)Love?

22. To continue your falling-into-fall series, here is a list of your basic (but necessary) things to try this weekend. And get fashion inspo with these 16 Fall Outfit Ideas because, let’s be real, every day isn’t sweater-weather.
33. I think this week’s most powerful photos speak for themselves.
4. Channel your inner Kim Kardashian (ft. her selfie book) with iOS’s new updates — which includes an album made specifically for selfies and FaceTime Video messages.
5. Naughty Boy’s new music video collab with Queen B is a must-see, obviously. Don’t worry, I got you, I got you.
6. Because dogs are life and I’m officially in love with The American Eskimo Dog.
—Rachel Fulton

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