Primping All Over The World: Acqua Distillata Alle Rose – Tonico Rinefrescante Review

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I arrived in Italy about three weeks ago to begin my semester abroad in Florence. I was excited about the prospect of meeting new people, traveling to cool places, and eating way too much food. But there was one thing I really had my heart set on when I stepped foot on Italian soil. It wasn’t trying the best pizza or gelato, but checking out all of the best Italian beauty products. (*insert hair flip emoji*)

Now, I don’t know if these beauty products are actually any better than the ones you can get in the States or if I just see the fancy Italian language on the bottles and assume they must be better, but let me tell you that I’ve found what I believe to be some true beauty gems in this country. First, I wanted to focus on my skin, since the dry and humid Italian heat was making my already dry skin even more problematic.

I was strolling through a grocery store when I somehow ended up in the beauty aisle, so I figured I had to take advantage of this fateful moment. This is when a striking blue bottle caught my eye. Acqua Distillate Alle Rose – Tonico Rinfrescante by Manetti Roberts is the first beauty product I tried here in Italy. Translated, it simply means “rose water”. The line has a bunch of different products based around roses, and I first tried this toner. You really can’t go wrong with roses- it smells amazing and there are endless benefits for your skin.

P.S. Julia is also a fan!

I dab some of this onto my face and neck before I apply my makeup in the morning and before I go to bed at night. The rose water helps prevent redness and irritation and keeps my skin feeling delicate and fresh. Also, I got this 300 ml bottle for about 5 USD, which is pretty amazing since adding the ingredient “rose” to any beauty product in the U.S. seems to jack up the price by a sad amount.

If you find yourself in Italy any time soon and love skin care as much as I do, this toner will really bring a new level of happiness to your morning beauty routine! You can also buy it on Amazon (it’s a bit more expensive than if you were to get it in Italy, but definitely still cheaper than most of the rose-based toners you’ll find in the U.S.!)

—Devon Kelliher

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Primping All Over The World is a series featuring beauty customs I learn about in my travels. It’s all very Margaret Mead.

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