Motivate Monday, Because Your Phone Can Be Used For More Than Just The Snooze Button 

Good morning!
Start your morning off by using your iPhone for something other than the snooze button with this genius fitness app.
Then, begin carving out that fall fitness schedule now with this preview of the 13 Most Exciting New Studio Openings in New York City.
Since planning is work within itself, take a break to bake or make one of these way delicious healthy pumpkin recipes.
After that, you know what time it is… GYM TIME. Get your motivation goin’ with these GIFs for those of us who consider the gym a second home.
Lastly, make sure you invest some time in taking care of your body. Because “stronger hips take a lot of weight and work off your knees”, it’s important to do these four exercises to help nix that knee pain for good.
Happy Monday, ladies! May those pumpkin spice lattes be ever so strong.
—Rachel Fulton
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