Get Your Kontour On: Rodial Sculpting Makeup

Lip tints

I’m DYING over Rodial’s new contouring makeup range right now. “Working to deliver natural alternatives to injectables and plastic surgery procedures,” Rodial Founder Maria Hatzistefanis not only gives us the beauty supplies needed to perfect that sculpted Kim Kardashian or Amal Clooney look we all drool over, but she even packages these beauty essentials with elegant black and crystal-like cases.

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For me, the radiance of the Instaglam Glow complexion enhancer does not disappoint and gave me the vitality I needed when I’m tired. The Sculpting Brush helps me create a very defined look, thanks to its soft hairs and angled brush for ease of application.

Rodial provides simple tutorials on how to successfully complete looks that range from Kim Kardashian’s intensely outlined face to a simple Malibu bronzing effect.

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I also love the natural, yet glimmering touch that Rodial’s chic tinted lip butter, Thrill, gave me. I usually gravitate toward brighter, more intense lip colors,but  the lip butter range helps to accentuate the au naturel look for everyday.

Finished Look

If you’re looking for some facial sculpting or lip butters that will leave you with the ultimate defined face and kissable lips, then hit up Rodial launch in early July and show the world that your plump cheeks were just an illusion all along. Hey, maybe eventually you’ll even be able to put “professional sculptor” on your resume. ;).

—Rachel Fulton

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