Motivate Monday, Because You CAN Wake Up [Almost] Flawless

mmMorning, Sunshines.
Make your way on over to Starbucks this morning for its two new frappuccino flavors, of course.
After reading up on your daily news via the fabulously informing Newsette, energize your day with The Only 15-Minute Bodyweight Workout You’ll Ever Need (sweat guaranteed… if you work hard enough).
Now I know you might have been the “New Yorker” type this morning if you followed my white girl Starbucks advice — but if you did otherwise, find out if you’re actually a “Breakfast Sammy”, “Full Monty”, or even “John Stamos” type girl! #Huh?
I know, I know… you’re not Beyonce, waking up flawless (or ready to fully think), but see how you can be via (lol)..
—Rachel Fulton
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