Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness Six Fix

ss22. Even if you had all of the time in the world, promise me some men would never make that “worth-your-time” cut.
unnamed (2)
3. Ideal Scenario: Basking in the Union Square happiness, sipping on one of these deliciously satisfying on-the-go juices, and having a beautifully designed henna tattoo drawn on you by Ruhi (at a stand by the University Pl. + E 14th St. cross-streets).
ss34. Minimize all of the drama in your life this fall by letting it play out on your TV screen (who needs a real boyfriend when you have Bradley Cooper?!).
unnamed (3)5. Last Wednesday I know you were pretty much dying of cuteness from all of the National Dog Day posts. But it’s not over until you’ve seen this dog (that will most def steal your heart away).
6. Alcohol ain’t helpin’ with your weight-loss goals, Girl. Here are some top tips for healthy drinking from the Tone It Up girls.


—Rachel Fulton

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