Motivate Monday, Because In Yoga We [Should] Trust 

  • Start your morning with a yoga routine that is rumored to wake you up more than that cup of coffee or tea calling your sweet, sleepy self.
  • Then, instead of your morning eggs, spice it up with one of these 10 High-Protein Breakfast Ideas — satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Since I totally get bored at the breakfast table, check out these 15 foodstagrams that will make your mouth water and your soul melt… until you follow in the Instragrammers’ footsteps, of course.
  • Speaking of footsteps, make your way over to your Monday appointments with a little pep in your step (please don’t let me say that again), listening to these #throwback songs for your inner ’90s chick.
  • After that, bring yourself back to the present (and reality) by reading’s 16 Things Successful People Do on Monday Mornings.
  • …then have that cup of coffee you’ve been waiting to have.
—Rachel Fulton

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