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Debuting this month is Aura Cacia, a new essential oil line. Following a lovely DIY night with the Aura Cacia representatives themselves, I strolled back home with a bag complete with an irresistible sugar body scrub, a cleansing shower gel, a soothing hand gel, and a calming foot soak — all of which I had just easily concocted myself! Simply following the recipe cards provided by Aura Cacia — a couple splashes of this, a couple splashes of that, some thirty drops of the new essential oil blend — my tantalizing body blends were handcrafted within minutes! Here’s the scoop on two of my faves:

Using Freshen, you can formulate an awakening, stimulating daily shower gel.

1 Tbsp. sweet almond oil

2 tsp. vegetable glycerin

3 Tbsp. unscented castile soap

24 drops Freshen essential oil blend


Indulge, the sugar body scrub leaves the body feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom. Not only that, but also the sweet scent and smoothing au naturel brown sugar ingredient makes the naked body seem as beautiful, as natural, and as smooth as ever before (I felt like a lustrous Candice Swanepoel promenading out of the Tahitian beach water in one of her VS swimsuit shoots).


2 Tbsp. sweet almond oil

1 Tbsp. vegetable glycerin

44 drops Indulge essential oil blend

1/3-cup brown sugar

If those recipes don’t already sound easy enough, Aura Cacia complements their essential oils with Revive Body Cloths that make aromatherapy accessible anytime, anywhere. I know the Focus body cloth, infused with rosemary and mint essential oils, definitely came in handy after I headed straight from the sun-sweltering park to class, where I’m positive my peers would rather capture the aroma of one of my Aura Cacia body cloths over my summer sweat any day.

I say we could all use a little elimination of stress and sweat from our lives – head over to and let the au naturel girl in you flow.


—Rachel Fulton

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