Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness

11. If pizza were your boyfriend, you’d want him to be the #1 slice of yumminess in the nation, right? Check out Juliana’s in Brooklyn and you’ll find out why your BF’s such a hot commodity.
3. From a sand sculpting contest to city street closures for dancing, here are 47 Wonderful Things To Do in New York This August. Live it up, ladies.
4. Author of Gorgeous For Good, Sophie Uliano let’s The Chalkboard Mag in on some of her 30 Days to Lasting Beauty secrets.
5. Nike is offering free workouts in New York City. It’s free, fun, and a chance to meet some hotties…. what more could you ask for? Just do it.
6. Because baby it’s hot outside, and these are’s 9 Beauty Finds That Will Cool You Off.
—Rachel Fulton

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