Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness Six Fix


1. Here are 29 Awesome First Date Ideas that could definitely trump the average [cup o’] joe ones.
2. But then again… finding cute coffee shops has a weak spot in my heart. The Gothamist gives us The 10 Best Coffee Shops in NYC.
3. When the best night of your life often becomes the worst morning of your life. You’re welcome for these 13 Legit Ways to Stop a Hangover. Carbs are your best friend, ladies.
4. This trendy superfood is making a lot of people sick.
5. DIY Watermelon Sneakers could def make your summer wardrobe that much better.
6. A lot has happened in the world since last Sunday — here are 25 of the most powerful photos of the week to prove it.
—Rachel Fulton
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