Super Line Preventor Eye Serum: Because Eyes Don’t Lie 

The skin around our eyes is supremely delicate, and prone to dryness, dullness, puffiness, and wrinkling. In other words, it’s one of the the first facial signs that we’re aging, exposing our skin to damage, or just not getting enough sleep. The new Super Line Preventor Eye Serum by Prescriptives combats these symptoms to leave skin around the eye area noticeably renewed and refreshed.
How it works: Advanced polymers in its formula and a cooling tip on the applicator give an instant tightening sensation and help leave skin around the eye area feeling smooth and refreshed, while glycerin and hyaluronic acid help infuse skin with moisture.
How to use: Apply to eye area morning and night! Suggested for use with trusted Prescriptives fave, Super Line Preventor Xtreme.
SLP Eye Serum is available for $55 on Prescriptives’ site. And if lines are your beef, check out Super Line Filler, launching this fall to combat wrinkles and visible expression lines across the face.
—Sara Veljic

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