Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness Six Fix

ss11. Knowledge of these 19 [Lifesaving] Beauty Hacks could actually be the difference between life or death in the beauty world… read up, girl.

2.The 26 kale recipes you’ve been looking for — oh KALE, yes!

3. With Trainer Jessi Kneeland’s approach to fitness, your fitness routine might become that much easier to stick to.

4. Because it’s the beginning of a new week (and therefore a whole new week of potential date nights), ThoughtCatalog’s 25 Crucial Flirting Mistakes That Everyone Makes will help you out just a bit.

5. Did you know that women are more prone to blackouts than men? In this interesting read, Sarah Hepola confronts the idea of drinking and when it starts to become too much.
6. Watch out, New Yorkers, the new matcha tea craze has arrived! And there’s lots of new places to fulfill those sweet, sweet matcha cravings.
Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday! Xoxo.
—Rachel Fulton

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