Motivate Monday, Because You, Ben, & Jerry Are In An Exclusive Relationship

motivateYou need to teach yourself that you’re the most important critic in your body’s life with this Brutally Honest Body Image Lesson.

Saying, “I just did it for myself,” newlywed Casey Demobowski elaborates on her own weightless journey and what inspired her.
If you’re embarking on a fitness journey of your own, these 5 Killer Body Weight Exercises from The Chalkboard Magazine make fitness an easy feat for you anytime, anywhere.
Of course you need some substance to feed those hungry muscles — these 28 Clean Eating Recipes To Grill give you some amazingly yummy after-workout food ideas.
Just in case you want dessert after, Ben & Jerry’s has listened and is creating their delish flavors DAIRY-FREE… who would have guessed this day would finally come?!
Time to live your life worry-fee.
—Rachel Fulton

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