Sara Tests Pravana NEVO Color Enhancer

Ever since taking my lifelong virgin, deep-brunette locks into ombre territory last year, I’ve been keen on color care. The blonde in my hair is constantly being stripped away by shampooing, frequent heat styling, and UV exposure, which dulls away all of its life and shine. I had the pleasure of sitting down with superb colorist Danny Moon (whose artful eye coupled with PRAVANA color brought the world Nicole Richie’s lavender and Kylie’s teal, FYI) to get a NEVO treatment on my tired tresses using the line’s Honey Blonde shade. The color boost instantly garnered notice, and I have since kept that refreshed blonde intact.
pravanaThere are two ways to use it at home: As a replacement to your regular conditioner, apply after shampooing, leave in 1-2 minutes, then rinse and style hair as usual. Your color will intensify gradually with each use. Or, try the method I’ve used: As a weekly color treatment on clean, towel-dried hair, leave it in for about 15-20 minutes, then rinse out and style. It provides a more powerful boost of color and unlike a lot of color-care products, the NEVO Color Enhancer has a pleasant scent I don’t mind in my hair for 20 minutes. Even better, 5% of sales are donated to City of Hope Cancer Research. The line’s five shades provide a fit for nearly any hair color, and strengthen hair with soy protein.
Two months out of my initial NEVO Color Enhancer treatment, and upkeep on my brilliant blonde is still just once-weekly application of the treatment. ​(As with all of my haircare updates, the proof is in the selfie!) To find a salon in your area that carries the line, make use of the brand’s store locator.
—Sara Veljic
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