Kale’s Humble Beginnings + More: Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness 6 Fix

11. Before its rise to superfood stardom, kale’s largest purchaser in the US was Pizza Hut…as a garnish for its salad bars (never forget your humble beginnings).

2. Stunning artistry: fore-edge paintings! Here are 40 hidden artworks painted onto the edges of books.

3. For Victoria Beckham’s birthday this past Friday, E! Online compiled this fabulous gallery of some of the starlet’s most posh looks.
4. In further style icon news: SJP is returning to HBO in a new comedy series!
5. Have you been following Bridal Fashion Week?

6. Funniest article of the weekend: woman in $16K Venmo debt to former brunch companions. (via Reductress).
Happy Sunday! Now go and tell everyone about kale’s pizza-chain past. Xx
—Sara Veljic
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