Lengthen Those Lashes: MAC Mineralize Multi-Effect Lash


Back in the day when I used to work for MAC (2002, wayyyyy back), they prided themselves in affordable mascaras; cult fave Pro Lash cost $8.  Fast forward to 2015 and we have Mineralize Multi-Effect Lash for $22.  I was a little shocked and intrigued to see what a higher price point at MAC meant (taking into consideration inflation of course.)  

The packaging is sleek and feels more expensive with a shiny body and a matte handle.  The brush is on the smaller side with dense firm bristles.  There’s a lot of playtime with the formula and one coat gives me tapered and flirty lashes.  Coat two my lashes took on a new dimension; they were long long long and winged out on the outside corners. Part of what ups the price of this mazzie is that it contain’s MAC’s “77-Mineral Complex” which includes emollients and conditioning extracts to keep your lashes soft throughout the day.  While I’m not sure if there’s 77 minerals up in here, I can say that my lashes were supple and soft at my midday touch up and the result gave me even more depth and fullness (just watch for clumpy tips.)  

The formula is super rich so it did take some scrubbing at the end of the night to remove all traces but I would still say this is a mascara to try (despite its slightly loftier cost.) 

—Ashleigh Ciucci

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  1. sherry

    I’ve been using the mac studio sculpt mascara and it’s good. This one is more expensive, but if it really does the job that well, I may have to try it. I have a primer/mascara combo tube coming in the mail from meausrabledifference.com, i’m curious to see which is better.


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