Skincare in your 20s: Counter and Correct Early Signs of Aging 


While most of us fear aging, we don’t actually do much to combat its effects on our skin until they’re really noticeable.  Though it seems counterintuitive to combat aging before you have pronounced wrinkles (and you’re still visiting your dermatologist to talk about breakouts), this is the perfect time to integrate an anti-aging product into your skincare regimen. Think about it: the twentysomething lifestyle wreaks havoc on a youthful complexion–smoking, drinking, sleepless nights stressing over deadlines, or nights out that result in caked foundation and smudged mascara the next morning, and photo-aging is just beginning to take its toll. 

Skinceuticals Metacell Renewal B3 is the total package in correcting early symptoms of aging on the skin. Apply to face and neck to reduce wrinkles and boost skin’s elasticity.  This moisturizer packs a high concentration of 5% niacinamide with 2.5% tri-peptide concentrate to tighten, as well as 15% glycerin all combined to glide over skin smoothly and free of tackiness. By securing the skin’s moisture barrier, Metacell Renewal B3 leaves skin renewed, vamping up hydration and firming skin while evening out tone. The overall effect restores clarity and brightness, keeping young skin youthful. 

While this product does wonders for skin of all ages, those of us in our 20s can use it to stay flirty and thriving into the next decade. 30flirty

Metacell Renewal B3 is available on Skinceuticals’ site and through their network of skincare professionals

—Sara Veljic

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