Why You Need A Dry Oil In Your Life


I am obsessed with AHAVA’s Deadsea Plants dry oil mist, and this new Cactus & Pink Pepper scent is a welcome addition to my bathroom shelves, and the cactus and pink pepper scent is pure delight. Beyond the all-day aromatic mood lift, this dry spray does wonders for skin. Jojoba oil and Vitamin E work to make skin instantly more supple, and Dunaliella Algea from the Dead Sea guards against free radicals and maintains skin’s glow. 


If you haven’t gotten into dry oil yet, a bottle of Deadsea Plants body mist is exactly what your routine is craving. Mist is a must-have for luxurious skin and ease of application. Spritz it on all over as soon as you towel off from a shower (and throughout the day for a moisture boost or emergency aromatherapy moment) and gently rub it in for absorption. In seconds, your skin feels and smells like it’s spending the afternoon in sumptuous, sun-soaked paradise. 

Order the chic 100ml bottle from AHAVA’s site yourself and enjoy smooth, sweet-smelling skin that’s always on vacation. 

—Sara Veljic

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