Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness 6 Fix

mimi1. Happy February! Time to really get the year going for us. Reductress explains how 2015 will be Your Year….starting in February

fem 2feminist2. Beautifully encompassing both popular definitions of the word “radical”: Saved by the Bell Hooks 

clueless3. This year, Clueless turns 20! Here are 20 moments of underrated perfection from the iconic film

depp24. The fact that Johnny Depp doesn’t know the meaning of “bae.”

5. This video. 

oprah6. Apparently, women can’t wear leggings around men this day and age without fear of enticing them. This article brilliantly reminds us why these claims are nonsense.

Remember- February is the shortest month, so make it fun! x 

Sara Veljic

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