Size Matters: Bakel Cool Eyes

42695Most rollerballs are thin and crayon-sized, but this one from Bakel is like a jumbo crayon or one of those super big pencils that were cool in elementary school (does anyone know what I’m talking about? I had an N’SYNC one in first grade).

Each click disperses a generous amount of product, enough for each eye and within minutes you feel a cooling sensation. I wouldn’t even recommend putting this in the fridge (which I do with almost all my under eye products) because it is already so icy and refreshing. A mulit-peptide complex promotes firmness and drains excess liquids, and the ball applicator ensures you aren’t tugging at this very delicate area of the face.  It’s especially ideal for waking up tired eyes in the AM and the cool feeling is a refreshing way to combat puffiness.

Julia Casella

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