Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness

Describe+your+perfect+date.+Because+its+april+25th+Too_9a42cd_36300341. Regardless of your relationship status, this is a brilliant idea- take yourself out on a date!


2. Blue Jeans Go Green: this month, J Crew stores will give you credit just for bringing in old jeans to recycle!

3. A delicious idea: this writer undertook a week of eating an emoji-only diet.


4. How have I never seen this before?? New York in the ’80s as captured by the fascinating work of Richard Sandler.


5. More amazing photography: The V&A Museum launches a retrospective of the work of fashion photographer Horst P Horst.


6. This piece absolutely floored me with its raw honesty. Everyone can benefit from its message.

How are you starting off the week?

Sara Veljic

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