Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness 6 Fix

333ls3c1. Susan Miller finally has our August horoscopes up!


2. Vogue rounded up a slideshow of models’ #TBTs (I DIED at Cara Delevingne’s).

Actor Ryan Gosling's latest movie role is in

3. Hey Ry, someone built a women’s restroom in San Diego plastered with pics of you.

4. The “Smile Bitch Training Camp.” HILARIOUS.

a_cat_and_a_blonde_enjoying_the_beach_together-244635. You can now workout in the sand indoors at Chelsea Piers!

tumblr_n9qle0kCjY1qb838bo1_12806. THE new jam of the month: the Nicki and Bey ***Flawless remix.

Happy Sunday! What are you doing before the week starts?

—Sara Veljic

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