Emoji Jewelry + More: Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness

ss11. Rich Kids of Instagram is now a book- pick up a copy ASAP.


2. If every resident of NYC suddenly decided it’s really not the greatest place in the world- my favorite Onion article ever.


3. Emoji-inspired jewelry, pop culture pins, and lots of sass: this Etsy shop is amazing.


4. There are few things more relaxing to me than a bath, but if bubble baths aren’t your thing, there are still 100 acts of self-love that don’t require a tub!


5. Since we spend a majority of our time on our laptops anyway, here are six apps to download for your Mac.

recipe6. A six-fix summer recipe roundup: Tropical Breakfast SmoothieArugula SaladTart Cherry Fruit LeatherSparkling SangriaGrilled Stone FruitParmesan Polenta Chips. Enjoy! 

What are you doing today?

Sara Veljic

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