Kim Kardashian’s Side-boob In The Hamptons + More: Destination Procrastination


Kim Kardashian answers the age-old question: Do you need to wear a full blouse when you’re a spouse?

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Lupita Nyong’o’s video for Vogue on how she braids her friends’ hair is beyond endearing and also qualifies her in the elite circle of born beauty girls — if you don’t think braiding’s difficult, give it a shot


This mango pomegranate guac looks divine

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Felicia has finished her novel! She inspires me to keep trucking on mine


I talked about my permanent lipstick tattoo (Lip Define) procedure at Browhaus


Five Back To The Future II predictions that are ON THE VERGE OF COMING TRUE


LOVE this news: Judy Blume is putting out her first adult book since “Summer Sisters,” one of my absolute favorites.

[Washington Post]


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  1. Tara Barno

    To look like this Kardashwhoever, is very prideful not to mention irreverent. Does Kardashwhoever have children? If so, as a former child of stylish parents…I took pride being with my parents in public because I knew they were always properly dressed and in style. Kardashwhoever, you must think much of yourself to believe you are to dress anyway you want and the world accepts it as style and will look at you as beautiful and such a cool lady. Cover up Kardashwhoever! It is actually more attractive. I have boobs, you have boobs, what women does not have boobs…..oh, that is right someone who has had a mastectomy….Kardashwhoever, you make women uncomfortable and you look very sad indeed.


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