Station Switch-up: Core Fusion Extreme


I know, this is literally the third post I’ve penned about this diabolical class. But GUYS, I sashayed into the Flatiron Exhale location today, all READY for each station — even the TRX bands — and would you believe that slippery Bergen changed the whole station GAME today? This time, the TRX bands were absolutely bearable (bicep curls and jumps) while the forearm-to-straight plank transitions back and forth and pushups moving a medicine ball delicately balanced on its handle gave me, well, PAUSE to say the least. In short? Core Fusion Extreme is like this memorable scene from Armageddon.


It’s always, no matter how used to it you think you are, the scariest environment imaginable.

That said, I’m still obsessed with it and going once a week. Have you tried it yet?

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