Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness

MTE5NTU2MzIyMjYwOTExNjI31. Botox at 22? Yup, I did it! 

a_3x-horizontal2. Horoscope Time. DUH 

valfre-12.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h6103. This was the background on my phone all last summer.

Read more about the artist here.

shop jeen4. Shop Jeen: I am ordering stuff from this shop daily. It was made for me.

20140627-KOONS-slide-FE4T-jumbo5. Jeff Koons at The Whitney: If you’re in NYC, you have to stop and check out this amazing retrospective.

6.  Saw them live last week and I fell in love with the lead singer.

What are you up to this weekend?

—Julia Casella

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