Snap Out of Sunday Sadness: Orange Is The New Black Edition

SUNDAY SAD6 things to get you through the darkest hour of the week.

giphy1. Orange is the New Black is BACK! #OITNB

tumblr_n6ruxyfbTO1qm9bx6o1_5002. And if you can manage to avoid binge watching, it becomes even better.


3. June Horoscopes
 are finally here, too!


tumblr_n6p8sqoEfc1r71vv7o4_2504. Cutest cameo ever: Read up on how Angelina Jolie’s daughter was the only child not afraid of her on set for Malificent.

tumblr_n6r43sxbe41ryxbmoo1_5005. Donut Day is done with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own!

21176. The New York Times makes the case for handwriting, so grab your fave pen and that gorgeous stationary you never use and do something even simpler and sweeter than DIY donuts: write someone you love a quick hello note!

Sara Veljic

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