Your Spring Skin Report

The latest in color, repair and don’t care for skin this spring.



Want your BB to work a little harder for you? The skin-care equivalent of a workhorse powerhouse juggling multiple hats, Urban Decay Illuminating and Bronzing Beauty Balms impart soft shimmer and bodacious bronze, respectively. Combine ’em or rock them separately for a gleam slash glow.



Clinique-SmartIn July, Clinique launches a game-changer: Smart Custom-Repair Serum, which delivers targeted repair via a cocktail of active ingredients and calming ones to yield a powerful, yet gentle serum. Damaged skin (either dehydrated or resulting from too much sun exposure) sends out stress signals, to which the serum responds and delivers— in a most Cliff Clavin from Cheers manner — a potent blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and extracts to the affected area before fine lines and spots appear. The formula boasts  cucumber extract to help maintain moisture while collagen-boosting peptides give a firmer look while restoring elasticity. Find Clinique’s Smart Custom-Repair Serum priced from $60 to $90 at Clinique counters nationwide and starting July 15.

pp-hero-bgIf you don’t have access to Dr. Neal Schultz’s fabulous in-office glycolic peels, you can score the next best thing at home. Enter the Beauty RX The Progressive Peel. This six-week system gradually increasing the strength of your glycolic products to reveal glowy skin while quelling dullness, discoloration and enlarged pores. 

14917095_201310211748The modern-day skin-care equivalent of Day-To-Night Barbie? Simple Nourishing 24-hour Day/Night Cream ($11), whose versatility can’t be beat. Its shea butter-formula nourishes dry, flaky skin up to 24 hours, yet isn’t greasy. According to a recent survey done by Simple Skincare, 28% of women in the top U.S. cities don’t typically moisturize before applying their makeup, but it’s important to hydrate skin both morning and night.

Don’t Care

tumblr_lp7z7cDrvc1qetz23o1_500If you can’t be bothered to buy something new this season, it’s all about the ‘Pirin Mask (as Nathan Lane’s The Bird Cage character referred to his aspirin pills.)  Take four or five uncoated aspirin and mash them up with a very little bit of water in the palm of your hand so they make a paste. Apply paste liberally to face. Wait five minutes and rinse. It illuminates skin just like a trip to the spa.

 What’s your skin-care strat for spring?

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