City Row’s Row + Core Review



In college, I dated many a rower so I felt as if maybe since they could wake up at 4am and row in unison in bitter Boston in the dark, I could at least get ON an erg in 2014. When Felicia asked me to join her for a class, I figured now was as good a time as any to channel my inner Winklevoss.

The class, taught by the sprightly but not irritating Annie Mulgrew is intense but effective. The hour-long workout alternates between three sets of rowing drills and mat work. Essentially, you’ll switch between rowing the SHIT out of that erg before switching to diabolical ab exercises involving planks, pushups and the like. You exhaust yourself doing both activities to the point where returning to the former after you’ve just about killed yourself doing the latter seems as refreshing as cilantro. Your arms, legs and core will be sore, but in the best way the next day.

Rock your go-to tight-fitting workout gear and don’t forget your sneakers.

City Row is located at 80 Fifth Ave (at 14th St.). Classes are $32, with packages available, including a $90/3 class special for new clients. For more information or to book, visit Do you row to keep in shape? What are your thoughts on City Row?


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