Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness

SUNDAY SAD6 things to look forward to and lift you up during the darkest hour of the darkest day of the week:

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 9.48.46 AM1. The Daily Positive: Subscribe and be happy everyday

BlhCk79CEAElP3M2. Found this online: HELL YEAH!

3. Dove Parody: Too funny!

motherday_box_exclusive_900x900_14. Limited Edition BirchboxMy favorite Limited Edition box to date. Seriously I love/ use every single product in there!


5. High School Fashion in 1969: Major envy and inspiration. 

tumblr_myvwkr68oI1qggwnvo1_12806. I just love Humans of New York: Especially this one.

“When I was 19, my girlfriend and I were going to study in Paris. Our boyfriends came to the docks to see us off. Right as we were getting on the ship, my friend’s boyfriend said to her: ‘If you go, I won’t wait for you.’ So she turned around and decided to stay. My fiance saw this and told me: ‘I won’t wait for you either.’I said: ‘Don’t!’””

—Julia Casella

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