Get Involved: Charmsies Iron-on Hair Studs

OOTD_hair_charmsies18___ (1)


Doesn’t it just seem as if “Drops of Jupiter” predicted Charmsies before Charmsies? If these aren’t the cunning drops of Jupiter in her hair to which Train was referring, I don’t know what ARE.

You heard it here first: Iron-on hair charms are about to be A Thing. Remember you high school cheerleading team wore star stickers near the outer corners of the eye in the name of school spirit? This has the cool-gal effect, combined with the edge-factor of studs–and did I mention they go on your mane?

Here’s how you use them. You peel apart the backing from a sheet of Charmsies, position them on your hair where you’d like them to reside, use a low-temperature flat iron to carefully tap each Charmsies area for 2-4 seconds, then gently peel the plastic sheet away from the hair. The charms will then be affixed to the hair.

Just like in elementary school, I’m partial to the gold stars. $12, available at Act like summer, walk like rain.


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