Motivate MONTH: Because It’s 2014


Ah the first Monday of the New Year, you are out of the post-holiday food coma, and you may have even started working out. Here is the info you need to make every day in 2014 a Motivate Monday. 

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The biggest workout takeaway from last year is that intensity matters.

Put your money where your fat is with this incentive program.

I'm on this new diet it's very effective

Here is your 31-day workout plan:

A paleo breakfast 

An easy quinoa scramble brunch 

8 different vegan lunch/dinners 

A detox smoothie 

Fridge free snacks 

Three ingredient recipes 

Motivate Mindy

motivate mindy

Mindy Kaling is the Chalkboard Mag January Guest EditorSo what if I ate a Porterhouse steak, drank two Moscow Mules and fell asleep during Seinfeld reruns? So what if in the middle of the night I wake up and realize I am sleeping in my sequined party dress and there are sequins in my bra? Today is a new day, and I’m going to drink green juice and wear yoga pants until I somehow become the Kelly Ripa I know is inside of me. 

If she doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know who will.

Julia Casella

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