Adel Atelier Salon Review

By Julia Casella

adel-atelier-salonHis salon smells like Paris. Not the Paris of pencil skirts, gloves and poodles but the Paris of smudged eyeliner, rock ‘n roll and Marlboro Lights. Think Carine Roitfeld, not Carla Bruni.

Adel Chabbi, French hairstylist and extension specialist, has spent his career at top salons like Frédéric Fekkai, Louis Licari and Pierre Michel, and earlier this year he opened his own place. Located in the Lower East Side, land of glamorous grime, Adel Atelier Salon focuses on extensions, dry cuts and blow-outs. If Jennifer Lawrence’s chop inspired you, I highly suggest you visit him because he showed me the scissors he uses to achieve super sexy short looks, and they are epic. On the opposite end of desired hair length, he is the person to go to if you want super long locks. He has judged Miss America pageants, A.K.A., extension central, so he knows his stuff. Visit him, but be warned – when you leave the salon feeling like Kate Moss, you are going to want a whole new wardrobe from Zadig and Voltaire and maybe a few tiny tattoos.

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