Fitness: Take Flywheel's Holiday Express Challenge

FLYWHEEL SPORTS INTERIORSWant to keep holiday muffin top at bay? Flywheel presents The Holiday Express Challenge, kicking  off on Monday, December 2 (through the 22) and is designed for the FLY enthusiasts who are dedicated to maintain their fitness regimen during the ever-indulgent holiday season. Beginning December 2, riders will be encouraged to take five classes per week for the three-week challenge.  Challengers will be encouraged to take 3 FlyBarre and 2 Flywheel classes.  Studios that only offer Flywheel will encourage their challengers to take 5 Flywheel classes each week.

The Holiday Express Challenge boasts a workshop that will break down proper form and techniques.  In addition, you’ll be able to take part in a nutrition seminar offering tips and tricks for staying in shape while juggling holiday festivities.  Interested? Sign up by emailing, calling or visiting your local Flywheel studio. New to Flywheel? Sign up here.

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