Holiday Gift Guide: Jesse Pinkman Edition

By Julia Casella


Jesse-Pinkman-1-e1341852848737I have had a crush on Jesse Pinkman, my favorite Breaking Bad character,  since episode 1. It took most people a bit longer to warm up to him, considering he was introduced as an ambitionless junkie, but by the end I think everyone joined Team Jesse. Even though he had never heard of Georgia O’Keefe (“She’s a painter, duh. She does these vagina pictures.”) and probably said bitch too much, behind his tough demeanor was an intelligent guy with a big heart.

If you have a criminal or junkie friend, then this gift guide is perfect for you! 

I’m only kidding–everyone has a Jesse in his/her life: he’s rough around the edges but has a secret soft side. He would never buy these types of gifts for himself because “it’s mad gay, yo” but he will secretly use them and love them.

Gift_Sets_PDP_0001_UltimateManRefuelingSet__67907.1382591967.451.416He’s probably only uses bar soap ( if anything) so this extensive set from Kiehl’s will usher in a whole new form of hygiene, unbeknown to him before.

campfirecologne_sacredsage_03_900x900This unique take on fragrance ( no bottles or spritzers) creates a more rustic experience for the type of guy who would normally shy away from fragrance. Plus, I have a feeling Jesse likes the smell of sage.


He may not express them, but Jesse has deep thoughts and would probably have been a great philosopher. Encourage this intellectual side of his but don’t hand him Sartre and expect him to follow. This hilarious, easy to understand philosophy book is a light intro into the heavy subject of thinking.

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