5 Things To Do This Weekend

1. Read Cheap Chica’s Guide To Style
Liliana Vazquez is a fashion force to be reckoned with! I met her on a Procter & Gamble lab tour a couple years ago and every time I’m lucky enough to run into the former Philly resident (typically at Beyonce concerts, she graces me with an inexpensive store recommendation from where I then buy EVERYTHING. She knows her stuff and the tome contains tips on organizing your closet (this is currently CRACK to me. #old), which items warrant bigger bucks and how to strategize for flash sales and samples sales, among other gems. Get involved: $15.50 at Walmart

2. Head to Express for workout gear — seriously. 
Express’ new Performance range is my new jam for running gear. Their Core Compression Capri is adorned with darling little stripes, ruching and a stealth little pocket for my keys and cash. It’ll set you back $50, but feels about the same quality as Lululemon. It’s my new Lululemonaid

3. Reacquaint yourself with the musical stylings of Red Hot Chili Peppers. 
“Marry me girl, be my fairy to the world be my very own constellation” remains the most romantical thing I’ve heard to date. Still. Despite it’s being followed by the less romantical “A teenage bride with a baby inside getting high on information.” First born unicoooorrrrrrrn!

4. Make your own kind of coconut water on the go. 
Big Tree Farms CocoHydro instant coconut water means you can get all your electrolytes even on a plane. Even without spending a strange amount of cash. $12 at amazon.com

5. Buy teensy rings on Etsy
Catbird schmatbird. Why spend all your cash on teensy knuckle rings you’re surely going to lose ASAP? Try Hint of Charm’s store here

What are you doing this weekend? 

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